VoIP Phone System Features

Automated Attendant

Callers are greeted by an informational message on how to connect to the right person or department. Directories can be set up to find people by their name or department.

Call Recording

Capture every detail of any conversation by simply recording the inbound call. Ensure accuracy and professionalism to the nth degree.

Caller ID

All phones can display who is calling. Even when the call is being transferred to you, the caller’s number will be displayed for you.

Overhead Paging

Conveniently use the phone to page employees in a yard or warehouse when they’re away from from their phone.

Voicemail to Email

As easy as it sounds, see your voicemail on your computer, tablet, or smart phone. Stay connected to your important contacts even when you’re away from your phone.

Music-on-Hold & Music-on-Transfer

Project your company image with pre-recorded messages and music for your customers to hear as they are on-hold or while being transferred.

Remote Office Support

Satellite offices and remote workers all share the same phone system. Want to talk to accounting but the accounting staff is in a remote location? Dial their extension as if they’re in the next room.

Conference Bridging

Conference calls bring several people together efficiently. More than a feature, it’s a built-in tool for time management.

Call Routing (DID & ANI)

Take a different course of action based on the incoming phone number. When preferred customers are calling, send the call right to your desk. If it’s an unknown number, let the main greeting welcome the caller.

Call Forward On-Busy & On No-Answer

If you’re on the phone and every call matters, forward missed calls to another extension and your customer is always attended to. Maybe you’re working in another area from your desk. Missed calls can be sent to where you are, or even to your cell phone. No call will go unanswered.

Software & Phone Integration

Our VoIP phone systems are based on a software package named Asterisk.  This allows us to program or “customize” to add another level of tailoring to your business.  If you’d like to integrate your phone system, we can review your software package to assess if it is a viable option.