SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking & Other Plan Pricing Options for Keeping an In-House PBX Phone System

We Have the Right Plan for Your Business Needs

Keep Your In-House PBX Equipment

Keep Your In-House PBX Equipment

Chances are very good that we can lower the phone bills for your company. If you currently have a sophisticated in-house PBX, which you want to keep using, we have a solution to fit your company.

If your business is in need of an upgrade, you want to move to a Cloud Phone Service, or you’re just starting out, we will help you find the right business solution.


Have you already invested in an in-house PBX but want us to lower your phone bill?

VOIP O. C. will install a small device called a “SIP Gateway”. This will allow your in-house PBX to connect to our SIP Trunking Services and reduce¬†your phone bill significantly.


Do you have a phone system, but have either outgrown its limitations or want a more advanced solution that will make your employees more efficient and your company more effective?

VOIP O. C. will design and implement a new phone system that fits your budget and incorporates the latest SIP Trunking technologies, with maximum savings on your phone bill.

SIP Trunking
Number of Lines Price
per Line
Per Minute
Outgoing *
1 to 5 $ 17.50 $ 0.025
6 to 10 $ 15.00 $ 0.025
11 to 15 $ 15.00 $ 0.025
16 + $ 10.00 $ 0.025
* Per minute outgoing includes usage within the 48 contiguous states.

Do you want your business to have the best phone service available?

You can have big business phone system features and savings on your phone bill without an in-house PBX phone system or the capital investment. Take advantage of our Cloud Phone Service with all the features you may ever want, and extremely affordable monthly plans.


No matter your phone needs, connect with us for your no-obligation quote. We will help you find the best VoIP phone solution for your business needs.