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VOIP O. C. Online ResourcesVoIP is a technology that allows phone calls to take place over the internet.  As with all technologies, you can get involved to whatever extent you are comfortable, and can learn as much as you desire with the resources found in this section.

Phone systems from VOIP O. C. take full advantage of the latest technologies.  We can customize a powerful solution to satisfy all your business telephony needs.  Whether you only need a basic phone or you want to take advantage of all the available features, we’re here to get you connected and make you more productive where your phone system needs are concerned.

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What is VoIP? – This is one acronym that can literally change the way you do business.  Find out what it stands for and what it means to augment the way you do business.

How much bandwidth do I need for VoIP? – Tin can phones were okay when we were kids, but today, businesses expect fidelity sound.  Find out what your particular business will require to achieve the best quality phone system experience.


Life Work Balance Can Be Achieved with VoIP – Work we must, in order to live life. Discover how a VoIP business phone system can help you shift the balance and add a little more life by allowing you to get more work done in a less time.